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Free Trial of the Craft Pro License

Some great news for Craft agencies! Hyperlane now offers the option to enable the Free Trial for the Craft Pro License on our development and staging environments. Test our platform with your team members and experience how easy it is to manage your development workflow.

Craft 3 released!

The team at Pixel and Tonic has kept its promise! They released Craft 3 on the promised date: 4/4/2018. At Hyperlane, we are excited about this major upgrade. Craft 3 promises to be significantly faster and more scalable, just how we like it. Read all about the release here.   At Hyperlane, we have been … Read moreCraft 3 released!

A major Hyperlane release! 🚀

We are excited to announce a major release of the Hyperlane platform! 🚀 Read all about it here. As always, we are looking forward to your feedback. Eager to learn how we can make your development experience even better!

Why WordPress is such a popular CMS

Getting beautiful websites online used to be the prerogative of highly technical developers. Knowledge of HTML and CSS was a must and kept a lot of people at bay. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Developing a website has gotten a lot easier. A lot of credit has to be given to WordPress, the content … Read moreWhy WordPress is such a popular CMS

Hyperlane: the best way to get your Craft CMS and WordPress websites online

Are you working at a creative agency? Feel fortunate. Designing and developing websites is a fantastic job. The corporate website is a company’s single most important marketing asset and sales channel. Before buying a product or service, almost everyone goes online to check whether a vendor offers the required solution for their needs. For every … Read moreHyperlane: the best way to get your Craft CMS and WordPress websites online